Monday, 12 September 2011

My Barbie turns 7.

 Sruthi turned 7 today. what this really means to me is
- no more lecture on 'what vitamin in what vegetable' during dinners. No means NO!
- questions are doubled. there is always a cross verification.
- teddy bears are replaced with Barbies.
- no more 'you buy;she wears' concept. she is your new shopping companion.
- expect some embarrassing silence for guests who ask more than 3 questions.
- beware grandmas; No 'snake eating moon' stories.she could look into your eyes and say "'But thats not how lunar eclipse occurs!!"
- Husband not recognizing new Kurthi?? Never mind. Here is a little angel who is there to say "you look great in this dress ma".
- you better be well dressed for PTA meetings.
- atlast she thinks I am the most trustworthy person on earth and shares all her little secrets.

Happy Birthday Sruthi. Every day you are making our life more beautiful and more interesting. Love you..