Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Being a toddler's mother

I enjoy certain privileges of being a 2 year old's mom

  1. Search Engine : 'Anything Anywhere' home gets you to be a better search engine than Google. ( O ya! I can find car keys from fridge and crayons from shoe rack)
  2. Advice Taker : Next to pregnant woman and new born's  mom (that's the order), a toddler's mom can take any load of advice. Every elder has some tips for you on parenting.
  3. Advice Giver : Time to payback the world. Any passerby toddler's mom, new born's mom and pregnant woman ? (order reversed) Load them with lessons you have learnt all along and that should include 'don't listen to everyone!'
  4. Fruits are in your life. That means you can be in "apple" shape or "pear" shape. Nobody cares. After all you are a toddler's mom! you have ghee soaked rice or thick curd dripping idli to finish. (Just don't stare at Shreya or Kareena Kapoor pictures for too long) 
  5. Hopeless Boaster : You can talk about how smart your kid is, for endless hours. Still there would be people ready to listen and smile every time. (Needless to say those people are your parents and in-laws)
  6. 'Super busy' - title: You may have all the time in the world. Still people would think you are busy. Nobody knows that your main job is watching your toddler not doing any adventure. Use this excuse where and when possible.
  7. Privileged late comer : Does anybody dare to ask you why you are late for the party or function?  No way! Blame it on the kid. chapter closed..     


  1. Great job Vigna. I am glad we are going to get to read more of your thoughts and experiences..
    While there is a bit of hardwork in 1 and 2, definitely enjoy 3,4,5 and 6 till it lasts...P.S - the secret will be kept safe.. Sumathee

  2. Just to poke fun..(I am known for being Nakeeran).. Your super busy goes out the window with a blog... However welcome to eWorld & iWorld. Hopefully the 2yr old leaves enough keys on the computer to blog.

  3. It's super Vigna Akka.. Nice to read your experience with the two kids... Waiting for the next post by you..

  4. super..romba nalla irukku..unmayum kooda.

  5. Parvathi Jeelany23 January 2012 at 04:06

    Fruits in your life - THE BEST !! I kept laughing reading the line - "don't stare at shreya and kareena's photo".. Ni humurous nu theriyum ... and this is too good..