Tuesday, 15 November 2011

my Beethoven turns 2

just a small peep into our home on a Sunday morning..

AMMMMMMMMAAAA  it is 5:30 AM and both the kids are awake.
 (any idea why kids get up so early in the holidays??)

morning - BOOOOOO BOOOOO- (both crying at the same time)
They both want the same toy at the same moment..I am the judge here :- my judgment would roughly be based on two things - who is crying louder and who could cry longer (and that would invariably favor Shyam)

midday -XZXXXXXXYYYYY  ( TV blaring with some cartoon character squeaking )

me - Sruthi, I didn't know we are sharing TV with neighbors..
Sruthi - but, there is no remote.
I would be in remote searching mode for a while ; would find remote in 'remote'ly possible place and that would be in the garden/ kitchen cupboard / shoe rack and other endless possibilities

evening - CLICK CLICK CLICK - 

Sruthi - amma, Shyam is playing with appa's office laptop
on hearing the word 'office' Suresh would just appear out of nowhere..
Suresh (tense)- Vigna , Get it from him; I already lost 2 keys. 
I would blink as though I have been asked to snatch AK 47 from Osama Bin Laden. Time to prayog sama/dhana/bedha/dhanda technique

deep silence - 8 PM
Sruthi - amma, Shyam just spilled oil on the floor and mopping it.

and this time its me.. i just fainted. see you all later.

Happy Birthday Shyam. Without you, world would be dumb to us!

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  1. I have seen your blog through tamilmanam today and read all your blogs just now and cannt control my laugh.....you made my day.....Superb....please keep writing atleast once in a week...


    Geetha Ramkumar