Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Parent-teacher meetings and Me

So far, its been a nightmare to attend the parent-teacher meetings. Not to blame my daughter, but her teacher being so good at complaining..I would always be sitting in front of her like a diarrhea patient,  ready to run away any minute.

Every time it would be like -
teacher: So, you have decided to keep her hair frizzy?
             your daughter is very talkative. I guess you don't allow her to talk at home! (now, what kind of logic is this??)
            Her handwriting is very bad! (Me and my husband would just disbelieve our ears. so far we are so proud that her handwriting is better than ours)
me: but mam, she is writing neatly..
teacher: No,No. You see, the letters are not touching the appropriate lines..Give(Get?)some practice.

and on and on..

My opinion about her changed slowly as one day Sruthi told me that, her teacher shared her lunch box with her as hers fell down on the ground.
On another time - when I asked Sruthi to accompany me to buy some veggies, she refused to come by bike. She lectured me on how we are polluting our air by depending entirely on motor vehicles..I finally walked down as I don't want her to go up to Ozone layer to buy some curry leaves..

Finally understood that , part of a teacher is a critic!  I have been so much into how the teacher says than what she says..
This time,  I am going to surprise some moms by keeping a happy face for the teacher. (and that is what Sruthi does)


  1. V.Subramanian says:

    This is the way many teachers acts. Critisise the child with the Parents so that they can concentrate more of the child. This the negative way.But what to do the present curriculam teaches them that way only. I am surprised one comment of the teaher that Suruthi is talkative which I cannot digest. She is calm and never talk so much and a obident child of her mother

  2. Great post, Vigna. I was taken aback while reading about "polluting the environment" part. Wow, definitely the next generation is going the right way. Thanks to the teachers and their (some time unwanted) criticism. I am sure, Sruthi will definitely grow up to be a sensible and matured girl..based on - "I am going to surprise some moms by keeping a happy face for the teacher. (and that is what Sruthi does)"